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Condolence Message


How to Address Eulogies, Tributes & Other Funeral-Related Speeches?​

A funeral is melancholic in itself. Dealing with the death of a loved one, attending to the guests, making sure the arrangements have been made properly, coordinating with the funeral director, reading the condolence messages, are among the many things that you need to look after. And if you have to address eulogies, tributes and other funeral-related speeches, it gets even more daunting. So how do you prepare them? We tell you everything that you need to know about eulogies, tributes, and other funeral-related speeches.


Funeral Speeches


A funeral speech refers to a speech that is given at a funeral service dedicated to the deceased person in order to fondly remember his or her life. Known as a eulogy, tribute or simply as a funeral speech, it is one of the integral parts of a memorial service and you are expected to give one if you happen to be a loved one of the deceased person.

A eulogy highlights the way the deceased person made a difference in the lives of his or her friends, family, loved ones or community.


Who Can Deliver a Funeral Speech?


Besides friends and family members, a eulogy is also expected from the clergies and funeral conductors.

Since writing and delivering a sympathy message or a eulogy can be emotionally taxing, you can always ask someone else to read your writings. This is because although coming to terms with the death and saying your final goodbye can be a positive and liberating experience; re-living and delivering the messages in front of so many people can make you vulnerable and it might turn the whole thing into a negative experience.


If you are organising the funeral and if you are in charge of allotting time for everyone to read their condolence messages, then selecting one person from each area of the deceased person’s life is ideal. This essentially means selecting one person from his school, college, university, workspace, club, among others. This should even out the time and space in the funeral service while also re-living all of the important phases of the said person’s life.


If you want to write and read your eulogy along with someone else together, you have the liberty to do so too.


Deciding on the Number of Speakers


It is entirely possible that the number of speakers for a funeral can be underwhelming or overwhelming. There are situations when there is very less number of people who are willing to read a eulogy or the opposite, that is when there are far too many speakers. In both situations, the length of the memorial service is compromised.


To keep the duration of the event under control, try to make a list of the speakers who will be speaking and based on the number of speakers, you can either ask them to lengthen or shorten their speeches. Make sure to be very respectful when asking people to do this, especially in the case of shortening the speeches. Do not say it in a manner that might offend the speaker. Just politely tell them to keep their condolence message short while not compromising on the emotions behind it.


Personalising Your Speech


It is not compulsory to have your speech as part of a eulogy only. You would find ample opportunities to share your sympathy messages to the family of the deceased person. You can choose to relay your message as part of a prayer or you can narrate a story or recite a poem that is dedicated to the said person.  Similar to a eulogy, the sole discretion of whether you want to read them or you want someone else to read them on behalf of you is completely yours.


A eulogy is your formal farewell to the deceased person. So, try to incorporate all the memories that you have shared with him or her. Try to live the happy and thoughtful memories that have added depth to your relationship. Although this is not the final time you will speak or remember about the deceased person, it is certainly the most prominent one. Therefore, be sincere and kind while writing your condolence message for them.



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